50% of covid patients in home isolation in Delhi are healthy

50% of covid patients in home isolation in Delhi are healthy, study finds new data

Unlock 4’s transition graph in the country is also upward.

At present, 57 lakh 18 thousand 571 people affected by the epidemic in India. 92 thousand 290 people died. A total of 2 lakh 41 thousand 059 people affected in Bengal. So far 4,75 people have died. All Corona LIVE UPDATE:

11.11pm: In Delhi, 50 per cent of corona sufferers have recovered from home isolation, according to a survey.
10.56 pm: Chandigarh administration withdraws 14-day home quarantine rule for people from other places.
10.43 pm: Another 1,261 affected in Jharkhand.
10.31 pm: Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Babulal Marandi attacked by corona.
9.44pm: 18 more people infected with corona in Himachal Pradesh.
9.20 pm: Orissa Sports Minister Tushar Kanti Behera not attacked. He is in home isolation.

8.59 pm: 1,218 more affected in Jammu and Kashmir.
8.03 pm: 1,442 more affected in Gujarat.
6.54 pm: Another 18,794 people affected in Maharashtra.
6.49 pm: 3,190 corona attacks in Bengal in last 24 hours. 59 people have died.

6.35 pm: 3,626 more affected in Delhi.
6.33 pm: 926 more affected in Uttarakhand.
6.03 pm: 244 new victims in Chandigarh.
6.53 pm: 6,063 more affected in Andhra Pradesh.
6.42 pm: A total of 25,469 people infected with corona in Pondicherry.
6.41 pm: 254 more affected in Manipur.

6.37 pm: Another 2,010 people attacked in Rajasthan.
6.30 pm: 5.69 more affected in Tamil Nadu.
6.28 pm: Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Shisodia will undergo plasma therapy.
6 pm: 261 policemen attacked again in Maharashtra. 4 more peoples have died in the last 24 hour.
5.20 pm: In the last 24 hours, 173 people infected in Mizoram.

5 pm: 1832 people attacked again in Bihar. As a result, the total number of victims stood at 15,319.
4.40 pm: Due to strong democratic system, India was able to hold a Badal session in Corona. Says Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

4.10 pm: The Delhi government on Friday launched the second phase of online recruitment from Class Six to Nine and Eleven. The last date of admission is October 3.

3.30 pm: Those coming to Assam from other states take 24 hours to get the results of RT-PCR test. So their stay in quarantine being reduced from 10 days to 24 hours. However, those who have recovered do not need to be tested or quarantined when they enter Assam, said Assam Health Minister Himanta Bishwasharma.

2.30 pm: The Supreme Court stayed the verdict in the case of refund of canceled aircraft in lockdown.
1.30 pm: On a record average, 14 lakh 92 thousand 409 samples tested in one day across the country.

12.50 pm: 6 lakh sanitizer units, 46 lakh masks, 6 lakh PPE kits, 6.8 lakh face shields and 23 lakh hand gloves being provided for Bihar elections.

12.40 pm: Affected voters will be able to cast their votes at their respective centers on the last day of Bihar elections,

the National Election Commission said.
12.20 pm: Negative is the result of Arjun Rampal’s sample test.

12 noon: 36 new victims in Ladakh. Three people died.

11.10 pm: Phase III trial of Kovacin made by Bharat Biotech will start in Lucknow and Gorakhpur in October.

10.30am: Seven volunteers canceled from Oxford Phase-III trial.
9.35 am: In the last 24 hours,

6,052 people were infected in the country. 1,141 people died.

9 a.m .: 13 lakh 70 thousand samples were tested in one day across the country.

8.40 am: Transport Minister Shuvendu Adhikari of the affected state.

8.20 am: Director General (Prison) of Tihar Jail Sandeep Goel was attacked.

8 a.m .: 3 crore 24 lakh 10 thousand 448 affected worldwide. 9 lakh 8 thousand people have died so far. 2 crore 39 lakh 25 thousand 57 people have recovered.

50% of covid patients in home isolation in Delhi