Military along the border soon after the Doka La crisis
China has doubled its strength, the report said

New Delhi: Not just the actual Line of Control in Ladakh. Aggressive China has been steadily increasing its strength in several border areas, including Doka La, without the attention of India. After the escalation of tensions in Doka Lai in 2016, they started building military infrastructure. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has already doubled the number of air bases, air defenses and helipads along the border. This shocking information has recently come to the hands of an international geopolitical intelligence agency called Stratfor. They have also prepared a detailed report by analyzing satellite images. That report captures all of China’s military tactics. The forehead fold has been widened in the South Block of Delhi.

Sim Tack, an analyst at Stratfor, said the Red Army’s infrastructure was not yet complete. Their plans are long-term. China wants to spread all activities to put pressure on India. In the last three years, China has set up a total of 13 new bases in the border areas. It has five air defenses and heliports and three air bases. Not only that, the construction of four new helipads has started after the conflict in Galwan Valley.

Doklam had been under the watchful eye of the Chinese forces long before the Galwan episode. They have been active in several sectors of the Sino-Bhutanese border for a long time. At present, China is trying to dominate the western sector with an area of ​​318 sq km and the central sector with an area of ​​495 sq km. Regular patrols are also going on in those areas.

Besides, the infrastructure has built for the deployment of the army, the report said. Analyzing the data from Stratfor, experts say that China’s real purpose is to increase pressure on the Indian military. If there is a clash in the coming days, the Red Army will make full use of this infrastructure. Therefore, they have emphasized on building military bases in advance to provide additional security and logistics.

Military along the border soon after the Doka La crisis China has doubled its strength

In the midst of this situation along the Indo-China border, the two countries met again for the sixth time at the military level. The meeting lasted for 14 hours on Monday in the Moldo area of ​​eastern Ladakh. 9am to 11pm. The two countries’ lieutenant generals discussed border issues. The meeting chaired by Lieutenant General Harinder Singh on behalf of India. Neither side has c0mmented on the outcome of the talks.

However, sources said that India and China have expressed their views on restoring peace by withdrawing troops from the border.

Earlier, the fourth and fifth rounds of talks held between the two countries on July 14 and August 2, respectively. The solution did not come out. It remains to be seen whether China will change its position after the sixth round of talks.